Aiways Denmark

Landing page and car customizer for Aiways Denmark

The challenge
As a modern manufacturer, Aiways’ goal is to build electric cars that are enjoyable to drive, easy to operate and affordable.

Recently the company found its way into the Danish car market together with Andersen Motors A/S, who helped them inside, like they also did with Suzuki in 1996. And to make a proper entrance, Aiways needed a sharp landing page, leading users through the entire shopping journey – from initially reading about the car and its properties to booking a test drive and customizing the car, and eventually finding the right partner holding the cars.

My role
In close cooperation with stakeholders at Aiways Denmark and colleagues at WeCode, I have been leading the redesign and rebranding of the Aiways landing page and car customizer all the way from the sketching and prototyping phase to designing the interface pixel by pixel.


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