Redesign and rebranding of Geowiz

My role
I have been leading the design process of the redesign and rebranding of the Geowiz product from the sketching and prototyping phase to designing the interface pixel by pixel.

About the client
With a vision of making it easy for anyone to create and maintain their geofences so they can focus on growing their business, Geowiz strives to be the easiest and fastest tool on the market.

Want to add all parks and graveyard in one go? That’s doable. Want to edit slow-speed zones and no parking zones at the same time? Geowiz also take care of that, and the file conversion – it’s never been easier to do quick edits.

With Geowiz being a tech-focused company, they reached out to me in order to optimize the user experience and visuals of both their branding and product. I have been responsible for design a new and more fitting visual identity for Geowiz as well as for making a complete redesign of the tool, both in terms of the user experience and producing the user interface.

Redesigning the interface in close collaboration with users

Throughout the project, qualitative research played a big part, as we wanted to optimize every feature as much as possible for the product users.

The design process involved ideation sessions, iterative prototyping and testing, as well as continuously involving Geowiz users to gather feedback to optimize every feature as much as possible.


Redesign of app


UX/UI Design

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