Plugin Heat Club

Webflow website and design for Plugin

Plugin offers sauna, breathwork, and events, all aimed at helping you achieve inner peace and channel your energy into what truly matters in life.

The challenge
Plugin envisions a new normal where everyone has the tools to find inner peace and focus on their priorities. Achieving this goal requires a user-friendly website that can scale with the company's growth - and this is where our collaboration started.

My role
In collaboration with Plugin's founders, I led a comprehensive website redesign, from initial sketches and prototypes to the implementation in Webflow. Leveraging Webflow's seamless CMS, we ensured that team members, regardless of their technical background, can easily update and modify the website. This flexibility allows for quick scaling and on-the-fly adjustments as the company expands.

The work we've received has truly been on point

"Throughout my 10-year journey in entrepreneurship, I've worked with quite a few developers, and I've never encountered someone as honest and punctual with their deadlines as Rasmus.

The work we've received has truly been on point. Rasmus is skilled in his work and great at listening.

We have an ongoing collaboration with a fantastic exchange of ideas. Rasmus is efficient, and you get high value for money. I highly recommend working with Rasmus."

Hjalte Wieth

Founder @ Plugin


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