Complete webshop redesign for WoodUpp

WoodUpp is a renowned brand known for its exceptional Nordic designs and high-quality interior panels. Now operating in 15+ countries, WoodUpp and with a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, WoodUpp embarked on a comprehensive webshop redesign to enhance the customer experience and meet the demands of their expanding online presence.

The challenge
With a reputation built on Nordic design and quality, WoodUpp aimed to provide a seamless shopping experience for customers while maintaining their strong online presence. The challenge was to create a user-friendly website that could not only display their impressive product range effectively but also enable easy product discovery and purchase, thereby increasing sales and customer satisfaction. This required a complete overhaul of their webshop.

My role
In collaboration with the WoodUpp team, I led a comprehensive website redesign project. This journey began with an in-depth dive into UX research, including the thorough analysis of customer data, enabling us to identify key insights and user preferences. Subsequently, I harnessed these insights to meticulously craft the user interface, executing the design phase with precision using Figma.

This approach ensured that every aspect of the redesign was driven by a profound understanding of customer needs and the overarching goal of enhancing the webshop's user experience and conversion of sales.


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